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Dissertation Writing is The Most Challenging Task for Most of The Students and Indeed a Real Test of Their Learning and Writing Skills Without Which They Will Not Be Able to Achieve Their degrees.

So, dissertation writing should be taken as seriously as going through all the other academic processes. In this page there are necessary steps that you should take to write a perfect dissertation to achieve the best grades. After reading this page you will certainly feel confident in writing dissertation.

This guide covers how to write your dissertation successfully written up in the time you have.

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How to Start Dissertation Writing?

The good news is for those students who have already done any of the following initial work of dissertation writing:

  • The research proposal;

  • Dissertation literature review;

  • Any pilot project that may have been approved;

  • Dissertation abstract for your tutor;

  • Study notes of your coursework that you may have prepared.

If you have done any of the above initial work for dissertation writing then writing a dissertation may be somewhat easy and interesting. However, if you are still struggling to do these things, then perhaps this is the best place where you can trust our dissertation writers for starting the dissertation writing process.

Before You Start Your Dissertation Writing You Should Check The Following Requirements to Make Sure You Meet The Required Criteria of Your University

  • The word limit of your dissertation: you should have clear idea of the maximum and minimum word limit of your dissertation and also make sure if this work limit include or exclude any tables, dissertation abstract, the reference list, and the appendices;

  • Dissertation structure: you should consult your tutor or dissertation supervisor which chapters should be included, in which order, and what kind of stuff they expect from your dissertation;

  • The marking criteria or guidance.

Different Universities Suggest Different Dissertation Writing Structure According to The Required Citation Style

Although every university may suggest different dissertation writing structure according to the required citation style there are some conventions that guide the structuring of dissertations which should be confirmed from the university. Below is the structure that is commonly used.

  • Title page

  • Abstract

  • Acknowledgements

  • Contents page(s)

  • Introduction

  • Literature review

  • Methods or Methodology

  • Results or Findings

  • Conclusions

  • References

  • Appendices

Each section or chapter has its own particular format and structure

Title Page for Dissertation Writing: Dissertation writing title page is very important to tell your readers what your research is about. So, you need to be care careful succinct, and specific of the research you have done.

Abstract Chapter for Dissertation Writing: Although dissertation abstract is the shortest sections of the work it is worthwhile taking great care to write it well. Many students want to know how to write a dissertation abstract. Remember the well known proverb "Morning shows the day?" While the dissertation abstract is the smallest part of the dissertation writing, it requires your best attention.

Dissertation Abstract is placed before the table of contents and after copyright and acknowledgement pages. Dissertation abstracts are usually 250-300 words. To squeeze the gist of the 12000 word paper in it could be extremely difficult. Help in writing a dissertation abstract is vitally important to get the best grades. Of course you could do it yourself but in the process may miss a few vital points. When you get dissertation abstract writing help of our expert professionals such things will not happen and you will get the brief and concise abstract touching all vital aspects of your paper.

Acknowledgements Section: This section provides you an opportunity to mention individuals who have been particularly helpful. So, you should acknowledge the contribution of all those who have influenced your life or the academic career in some ways.

Table of Contents: Although many of the latest word processors offer the facility to generate table of contents and list of tables and figures, it is vitally important to understand how to define your chapters and section headings. Table of contents usually comes after the abstract page and sows clearly all the chapters and headings with the pages numbers.

The Introduction Chapter: Normally, the dissertation introduction chapter contains about 2000 to 3000 words of introduction, statement of the problem, aims and objectives of the dissertation, rationale of the study, conceptual framework and the structure of the dissertation with definition of the terms. Ordinarily the dissertation contains an introduction of 1000 words, a theory part of 2000 words, another following part of 2000 words, three evidential parts of 2000 words each, and a conclusion of 1000 words.

The Literature Review Chapter: Dissertation literature review is normally written after the dissertation introduction providing a cohesive account of important bodies of works as well as arguments relating to your discipline & the books and writings referred in your paper. Literature review should be cohesive account of important researches and arguments incorporated in your work and are relevant to your project. At the same time it should be mere discussion in vacuum.

When you start dissertation writing and your supervisor asks you to write a literature review, You may be confused not knowing what to do. Truly Speaking, It is one of the most difficult parts of your dissertation. Dissertation literature review is the discussion of contents and writings similar to your paper making valuable additions to your dissertation project.

Methods or Methodology Chapter: Dissertation methodology is the most complex part of dissertation writing. Use of wrong dissertation methodology could be disastrous for your project. This part of your writing is most vulnerable to criticism and you have to hold up under pressure. Multiple techniques are used to develop a set of comprehensive methodologies. So you must have a very clear idea of choosing the right methods of data collection. There are basically two types of dissertation methods: qualitative and quantitative. In qualitative method of data collection you may use interviews or focus groups methods while in the quantitative you need to do survey based research using questionnaire etc.

Results / Findings Section: Presentation of dissertation results accurately and logically is vitally important for achieving best grades. Our masters of dissertation writing are experts in this field with years of experience. So, when we are here for dissertation results help, you need not take all the trouble of dissertation results...

Just as collecting data and analyzing them are extremely difficult task, calculating appropriately the results of dissertation with linking to the literature review is most exhausting. Even after spending the entire day in compiling the results you might end up with a big blob due to a single silly mistake. Dissertation results writing could be the most strenuous job for you and very frustrating indeed. At the same time it is also time consuming. Dissertation results may not be what you are looking for or hypothesized about. Certainly you cannot make your own results. They have to be the logical conclusion of your primary data collected through survey questionnaire or semi-structured interviews.

Discussion Chapter: Ultimate stage of a dissertation writing is dissertation discussion chapter which is the vital part of your dissertation and explains and evaluates your primary data results.

Writing a dissertation discussion is a vital part of your dissertation. There is a strong connection between dissertation results and dissertation discussion chapter. Analytically connecting them is difficult proposition and that is exactly where you can seek our help and we gladly extend it as the seasoned professional experts in the field. We can help you achieve the objective by relating the explanations to the broader problem area and by transmitting them from the theoretical to practical life.

Conclusions Chapter: Finally, you need to sum up your research with a strong and insightful conclusion and offer recommendations that should be helpful for the further research and contribute to the body of academic knowledge. In this chapter you may describe you limitations and how you overcame these limitations. You also need to consult back the early chapters to compare your results with the previous studies.

References Section: You need to compile your reference and bibliography list at the end of the dissertation to acknowledge all the studies that you have included in your dissertation.

Appendices Last Part of Dissertation Writing: Appendixes are the last part of the dissertation which may include survey questionnaire, interview questions and/or any tables and figures that show your study results. 

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